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When do you find the time to play?

I have my good weeks and my bad weeks.

Good weeks are the ones in which I get the majority of chores done during the work week and find myself with time on the weekend for games and family time.

Bad weeks are, you know…not that.

Don’t get me wrong, we still manage to have some fun during the bad weeks, but it feels forced in between chores, and I know I am tired and that I am not fully present with my family. And as my son gets older, he doesn’t always want to play with me.

Sometimes he sits in his room for hours playing with his LEGO bricks. He’ll come out to show me something he designed – it is usually a ship with unusually powerful weapons – but he doesn’t want me to build with him the way he used to.

I guess I am thankful that he still plays. Because a lot of families are not finding the time for play. The study on that link – which was funded by LEGO – points out that we are all just too busy and over scheduled to have fun.

So, as odd as it sounds, maybe we need to learn to schedule ourselves some fun. While that seems unnatural, if it is a family appointment then it becomes just as important as soccer practice or taking the cat to the vet or getting dinner on the table.

Does your family schedule time for fun? Tell me in the comments.

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