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Rock-a-bye Mommy

When my son was a baby, my husband and I didn’t purchase a swing. We thought that we wouldn’t need it, and we were very, very wrong. The daycare folks told us to look into it, since he enjoyed the swings there so much. He loved the one we got him at home, and we noticed that he slept better after a good bit of rocking in it.

Since then, my son has always loved swinging. To this day he rates playgrounds by how many swings they have available for all the children who want to swing.

The kid likes a good swing.

So, it wasn’t surprising when we took him on a cruise and the first morning he exclaimed how much better he slept with the rocking of the boat putting him to sleep. This is something that I have experienced as well, although I am not sure I would ever want a rocking bed for adults.

I believe the findings on that small study on that link: Adults who slept in a rocking bed fell into deeper levels of sleep faster. I just can’t picture how that would work in real life. What if you were a person who didn’t like the rocking bed? Would that mean you may one day need a separate bed from your partner? Or what if you were sick? I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be rocked to sleep then.

I think this study speaks more to the fact that we all need more sleep and we are starting to think of alternative solutions to get it. But, I can admire that: Sleep is good.

Did your child enjoy being rocked to sleep at night? Share in the comments.

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