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The infrastructure chores

Like all parents, my husband and I want our son to be able to take care of himself when he leaves the nest one day. So, we teach him how to do chores. These include everyday tasks (like putting his own dishes in the sink) to weekly work (like cleaning the floors) to quarterly tasks (like purging unwanted items from the house). We want to make sure we expose him to the way the household works.

Whenever I start thinking about the household tasks he should learn as he gets older, I need to be sure I am including all those invisible tasks that Moms tend to do. Knowing the weekly schedule, meal planning, and arranging vet and doctor’s appointments are tasks that I do without really thinking about them. And these are the exact tasks that I need to teach my son to do.

It’s interesting to think of these family management tasks as chores. I don’t think they were something that my Mom ever taught me. I did learn a lot about household management from her, but some of the stuff I figured out when I moved out on my own, and then figured out again after my husband and I married and had our son.

I am fairly certain that there are items on my husband’s list that are similar in nature: What are the household chores that he does that I am not fully aware of? These are the lists we need to compare as our son gets older so we can better prepare him for adulthood.

Have you ever made a list of all the chores in your household? Tell me about it in the comments.

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