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Reviewing our family rules

My son is getting older. As much as I would like to prevent this, I have been assured that he will continue growing up. As his parent, I should probably accept this. He is growing up and I have to adapt.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about our family rules.

Our current set of rules are on display in our dining room. They are in a spot where they can be easily retrieved and reviewed if needed, but not too in-your-face. The current set was developed two years ago and they outline our family values and the use of technology in our home.

We’ve recently changed up the technology rules, so that needs to be updated, and I am pretty sure that we need to have a system in place to look at our family rules at least once a year. We need to make sure that they are reflecting our lives right now.

That mindset has put me on the lookout for other rules we might want to incorporate as my son gets older, like this list which was specifically written with technology in mind, but works generally as well. Of course, this warrants a broader discussion with my husband, but I don’t think he’ll be too surprised.

Do you have a list of household rules? Share them with me in the comments.

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