Sorry, Mom. I didn't listen.

News all parents could use.

What type of parent are you?

My son is bored. I remind him that he has a list to look at specifically for when he is bored. He comes up with the idea of growing crystals from an old kit he found in his room. It requires parental supervision, but I am fine with that since he mostly solved the problem on his own.

We make crystals, we wait, he reads magazines and tells me some silly puns. I ask him if he is still bored. He doesn’t remember ever being bored today – I must have made that up. He’s having a fun day.

What type of parent does this make me?

I’m not a helicopter parent – at least I try not to be, and I’m not an intensive parent – although I do like to encourage my son to talk through things when they don’t go as expected. I am not the type of Mom to send their child out to play on their own like the natural care parents do, but it has happened.

I think I am just…a parent.

I get that there are extreme types of parents out there – those tiger Moms and mega coach Dads – but I think the rest of us are a combination of parenting styles. We use what we think works in a certain situation. Hopefully we learn and adapt. We keep it warm and playful, but try to remember that we have lives, too. We are not perfect.

How would you describe your parenting style? Tell me in the comments.

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