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Are your children moving enough?

I really like my son’s doctor. She has known him since he was only a few days old, and she has watched him grow up. In all the times that we have seen her, she has taken the time to answer all my questions (and allay my new-mom fears). Now that he is older, I’ve noticed that she has taken some extra time to answer my son’s questions.

I like that she asks him questions and talks to him. And I like how in her conversation with him she tackles a number of topics – including how he feels about school and his physical activity especially since the physical activity bit is important for all children and is a good indicator of overall health.

While physical activity is easy in the warmer months – with parks and outside recess and summer air – it is a little harder to ensure that we are fitting it into our winter days. My son always has a blast when he is outside, but he takes a little motivating to get out there when it is cold. (Unless it is actually snowing where we live…then all bets are off, and he is the first one out the door.)

I can’t say that I blame him. When I am cold, I don’t want to go outside and play either. But our health is important, so I need to find more reasons to brave the weather and ensure our heart rates are taken care of.

What games do you play with your children in the colder months? Tell me in the comments.

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