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Refusing to have a case of the Mondays

I know a lot of people who moan about Mondays. They start off their day upset because the weekend is over, and it was never long enough. They dread the return to their weekday routine and they spend a good portion of their mornings in a funk. They can’t wait until it is Friday again.

I try hard not to fall into this crowd. I think about my Mondays as a fresh start to the work week – an opportunity for me to look at my to-do list and knock some things out (while everyone else is complaining). I always thought that I could do this because I was a morning person, but a good deal with my Monday morning attitude is because I have learned not to dread the day.

Because like it or not: The stress you put into the day is the stress you will take out of the day. Said another way: If you wake up dreading something, then that is the mindset you’ve cast for the day.

While this is powerful knowledge for adults, I think it is wise advice for children as well. While we don’t want them to treat their test days as “no big deal,” it is important to not let them stress out over them either. Like a lot of things in life, it is about finding the balance: Acknowledging that you are prepared for the day and that you will do your best.

Easier said than done, of course, but the good thing is that we all have a lot of Mondays to practice on.

Do Mondays get your family down? Tell me about it in the comments.

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