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Ending the food fights – Part 2

On Monday, I wrote about how pressuring children to eat what they didn’t want to eat was not convincing them to actually eat better. (In fact, it often ramps up the stubborn factor.)

But, today, I want to reassure all of us who have been arguing about food with our children that we are not alone: Food is a popular fight topic in most households.

That link says that there is about an hour per day of combined family squabbles. I was trying to parse that one out for my own household. There are the morning micro-fights about the fact that it really is time to get up and dressed, and the afternoon spats over the end of screen time. And, yes, there are still the disagreements at the dinner table when someone’s food preferences have completely changed and I didn’t get the memo.

I am not sure, however, that all of that equates to an hour’s time. (Maybe we are having lots more arguments over the weekend?) Or maybe I am glossing over them all to focus on the happier moments.

So, I guess I am now on the lookout for these micro fights, because at the end of the day, I need to ask myself a simple question: Is this really worth fighting over? (Hint: The answer is usually no.)

This may be an interesting way to approach the weekend.

How many mini fights per day do you think you have in your household? Tell me in the comments.

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