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The beast of boredom

Because my husband and I both work, my son’s summer is filled with daily camps. He loves camp, and he should, because the camps he goes to are crazy fun. I love hearing all about his daily adventures.

But camp only lasts so long. And sometimes, my son gets bored. And when my son gets bored, he acts like his life is over.

Here’s a list of stuff that my son does when he is bored:

  • Comes and tells me that he is bored.
  • Goes downstairs and tells my husband he is bored.
  • Puts on his Daddy’s shoes and clomps around the house.
  • Clomps back upstairs to ask for suggestions of what to do.
  • Immediate rejects all my suggestions.
  • Goes downstairs and comes back up, losing the shoes in the process.
  • Checks the time.
  • Tells me he is still bored.

I once had my son put together a list of potential activities that he could do when he was bored. He has the list. He refuses to look at it, because he is too busy being bored.

My son’s boredom is just part of life, and even though he doesn’t like to hear this: It is OK for him to be bored sometimes. It is usually when he is bored that he is able to come up with a new activity for himself, since his creativity will kick in eventually.

Do you come to your child’s rescue when they complain about boredom? Tell me in the comments.

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