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Life’s too short – use the guest soap

We recently moved.

I am not like most people – I enjoy moving. No, not the heavy lifting part. Or the part where we realize we have too much stuff. Or anything that involves me dealing with the DMV.

No, I like the purge.

I like going through all our stuff and figuring out what can be donated and what we can keep. (I believe this is because it feels like my favorite game, “Does this belong here?“)

One thing that I noticed during our move is the amount of stuff we have but don’t use. This stuff runs the gamut from broken furniture (really? why are we holding onto this?) to fancy soaps for guests. While I was packing, I kept asking myself, “Why aren’t we using this?”

So, now, I have a new mantra: Use the guest soap.

For example, I think that my china is gorgeous – I want to use it for special meals or for taco nights. I want to break out my nicer clothes more often. The point is that I deserve to use the nice things that are in my home.

So do you.

So, what lives in your house that you are not using? Do you have a dedicated guest room in your house that doesn’t have another purpose? (And can I ask you: Why? Why are you allotting all that space in your home to people who use it so infrequently? That is your home and your space!)

Tell me what nice things you deserve and want to take back in your house in the comments.

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